Official Rules of “Platform Y” Contest

Contest Period: February 5th, 2015 – March 4th, 2016

Section I. Contest Organizer. General conditions.

The organizer of the contest “Platform Y” (hereinafter “the Contest”) is West Gate Studios, a students’ community, part of the PREFABRICATE VEST FOI SA company, hereinafter referred to as “organizer”, a Romanian legal entity, headquartered in Bucharest , Sector 6, 24th Preciziei Blvd, Administrative Building C1, registered at the Trade Register Office with no. J40 / 2530/2009, and unique registration code RO25186767, legally represented by Mr. Dumitru Manolescu as Administrator.

Platform Y is an interactive project designed to encourage Romanian students, passionate about business, to express their entrepreneurial vision in written articles.

This contest is organized and will run according to the instructions of the Organizer, under this Regulation (hereinafter “Regulation”) and the terms and conditions of website (hereinafter “Site”), the online platform that will host the Contest.

Contestants who will register in the competition are required to comply with the terms of this Regulation, and any and all of the terms and conditions of use of the Site. The Regulation is available, free of charge, to anyone interested, by accessing the Site.

The organizer reserves its rights to amend and / or supplement the Regulation anytime during the contest, including any conditions regarding the rules and conduct of the Contest, as well as the right to suspend and / or terminate the Contest, by making a public notice of any amendments on this site. Amendments and / or additions to this Regulation will be communicated with at least 24 (twenty-four) hours before they apply, by posting them on the Site. In case of successive changes and / or additions of contest terms or mechanism, the Organizer may publish updated versions of the Regulation.


Section II. Contest duration.

2.1. The contest will start on February 5, 2015 – 00:00:01 and will close on March 4, 2016 – 23:59:59 (Romanian time).
2.2. The contest will run nationally, online via the web platform.


Section III. The right to participate. Conditions of Participation.

3.1. The contest is open to all individuals of Romanian nationality (hereinafter the “Participants”), and which, at the date of registration, cumulatively meet the following criteria:

– 3.1.1. They were aged 18 (eighteen) years old;

– 3.1.2. They have the residence in Romania;

– 3.1.3.  They hold student status through enrollment in an undergraduate or post-graduate course; proof will be done with the student book, valid for the current year;

– 3.1.4.  They obtained outstanding results in the educational institutions whose courses are following having no failed exams; the proof will be made with documents issued by the educational institution they are attending.


3.2. There are not valid to enroll the legal entities (irrespective of the organization), family businesses or other associative forms, employees of the Organizer and their family members and their relatives in direct line and / or up to Grade IV including, such as children, parents, husband / wife, brothers, sisters and in-laws. To avoid any confusion and / or misunderstanding, the “employee” of the Organizer is any person in labor relations with the Organizer, according to the applicable labor legislation in force.


Section IV. Terms for contest registration. Limitation of Organizer’s Liability.

4.1. Contest registration can be done starting with the launch of the Contest and anytime during its validity period. A valid Contest registration requires, cumulatively, the following:

– 4.1.1. Having the right to participate. As such, participants must be entitled to participate, under the conditions set in Section III.

– 4.1.2. to agree with all conditions stipulated both by this Regulation, and any amendment / completion subsequent to it, and the terms and conditions regarding the use of the Site. Therefore, by filling in the fields required by the online application form and submitting the application form, will be considered the participants were informed in advance about the content of this Regulation,, as well as the terms and conditions of use of the Site and, as such, they fully and unconditionally accept the conditions of participation required by the organizer, all provisions of the Regulation and the terms and conditions of use of the Site.

– 4.1.3. Providing accurate and complete personal data of participant, required by the mandatory fields of the registration form available on the Site, ie, name, telephone (fixed and / or mobile), e-mail, residence, address, confirmation of the minimum age of participation and educational institution where the participant studies.

– 4.1.4. Enrolling one written material. By enrolling the Contest and loading the material using the online platform, each participant states and warrants that the enrolling, publication and use in any way of the material does not infringe, directly or indirectly, a legitimate right of any third party. The organizer cannot be held responsible and cannot assume any obligation or liability of any nature with respect to materials that participants enroll in the contest.

4.2. The organizer is not responsible and does not assume any obligation and / or liability in connection with potential issues (including technical nature) occurring in the sending / receiving e-mail messages or produced in connection with the materials uploading on the Site.

4.3. Also, the Organizer assumes no obligation and / or liability of any nature, and cannot be held liable on the exclusion from the Contest and / or refusal of registration in the Contest of any Participant, if it emerges, even afterwards, any non-compliance with any of the terms and conditions of this Regulation.

4.4. If, even after validation of a winner (whether she claimed or not the prize), will be noticed any failure of Regulations and / or further instructions from the Organizer, the Organizer reserves its right to cancel the enrollment of a participant, to exclude the participant from the contest or, where appropriate, cancel the winning validation, cancel the prize awarded and require the return of the awarded prize no later than thirty (30) days. Any of these situations will be recorded in a written decision issued by the Organizer and will be considered an additional document to the Regulation.

Section V. Contest registration

5.1. Any person entitled to participate, according to the conditions of this Regulation may enter the competition at any time during the Contest period by accessing the website and submitting the online application form, followed by loading an article on a business topic of its choice.

5.2. Articles loaded by Participants will become visible on the site within 48 (fortyeight) hours and only after the approval of an administrator of the Site. Only approved articles will be posted online. The organizer reserves its freedom to publish online only articles considered relevant to this contest. The organizer has no obligation to notify participants regarding a decision of not publishing one of the articles submitted in the Contest.

5.3. During the contest, a participant may submit only one article.

Section VI. Contest mechanism. Winners nomination.

6.1. Subject to the cumulative fulfillment of the conditions for submitting articles in the Contest but also other rules regarding the organization and conduct of the Contest, there will be nominated a winner and a backup winner at three (3) specific dates mentioned below. The winners’ names will be published on the Site,

6.2. To avoid any confusion and / or misunderstanding the Regulation states that each participant can be the winner of only one of the three (3) awarded prizes.

6.3. The criteria for choosing the winning articles are clear-thinking, innovative spirit and business vision.

6.4. Winners will be selected by a jury consisting of:

Mr. Liviu TUDOR – President of Genesis Development

Ms. Mihaela Cazacu – President of West Gate Studios students council

Mr. Leonard ALEXA – Vice-president for External Relations of AIESEC Romania

6.5. Prizes and awarding dates are as follows:

– May 5, 2015 – nomination of the winner of a CBL International Oxford Summer Business School scholarship

– October 10, 2015 – nomination of the winner of an internship at Genesis Development

– January 18, 2016 – nomination of the winner of a 5,000 (a five) Euros prize.

6.6. None of the contest prizes can be replaced with its equivalent in money and / or other good or service.

6.7. Prizes handing will be made based on an official Handover document after the winner will present an identification document, after validating the winners. If the winner cannot be contacted within five (5) days by phone or e-mail, refuses the prize or is invalidated, the winner will automatically become the backup winner. If, for any of the reasons above, the backup winner is not validated or cannot receive the prize, the organizer reserves its right to freely dispose the prize in a manner that it deems necessary or appropriate to its interests.

6.8. The participants declared winners will be contacted by phone and by e-mail to settle how they will receive the prize. Claims are not accepted. Complaints relating to the prize subsequent to the signing process of the handover document will not be considered by the Organizer. Refusing to sign any document certifying the prize handover will void the winner to receive the prize.

6.9. The organizer is not responsible for any errors and / or omissions with respect to personal data submitted by participants during the Contest registration. Accuracy of data provided by participants is their sole responsibility. The organizer cannot be held responsible if a winner cannot be contacted due to incorrect registration of any of his personal data.

Section VII. Taxes and fees

7.1. Payment of taxes related to the prizes awarded in the Contest shall be subject to the legal provisions in force at the time the prizes will be delivered.

7.2. For the avoidance of doubt, says expressly that at the date of this Regulation was made, the relevant provisions are contained in Law no. 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code, as subsequently amended.

Section VIII. Data protection

8.1. By registering and participating in the Contest, participants agree entirely with this Regulation and agree that personal data provided through the registration form to be processed, and used by the Organizer under the law by and according to the following purposes: (i) to validate winners; (Ii) to publish the list of winners; (Iii) to award the prizes of the Contest; (Iv) to send information and advertising materials;

8.2. The organizer is registered under no. 37 186 in the Register of Personal Data Operators.

8.3. The organizer will comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of personal data collected during the contest and, throughout its duration and subsequent termination. As such, the Organizer undertakes to maintain the privacy of participants in the contest and use acquired data in accordance with relevant legislation.

8.4. Participants in the contest are guaranteed the rights provided by Law 677/2001, in particular those relating to:

  1. a) the right of access to data, according to which any person has the right to obtain from the Organizer on request and free of charge for one request per year, confirmation that their personal data are or are not processed by the Organizer;
  2. b) the right to oppose, according to which the subject is entitled to oppose at any time on compelling legitimate grounds relating to his particular situation, its personal data to be not processed, unless there are opposed legal provisions;
  3. c) the right to intervene over the data, according to which any person has the right to obtain from the Organizer on request and free of charge: a) if necessary, correction, updates, deleting or blocking of data whose processing does not comply with the law, particularly incomplete or inaccurate data; b) if necessary, transforming into anonymous data the data whose processing does not comply with the law; c) providing notification to third parties to whom the data were disclosed, of any operation performed according to letters a) and b) above, if such notification is not proved impossible or involves a disproportionate effort towards the legitimate interest that could be harmed.

8.5. At the express request of any participant, the organizer will provide the exercise of any of its rights stipulated in 8.4 above. To exercise these rights, participants in the contest will send to Organizer, at its registered office a written, signed and dated request. The organizer will act on such a request within 30 calendar days from the date of registration.

Section IX. Interruption / Termination of Contest

9.1. The contest may be suspended or, as the case, may be terminated at any time in case of occurrence of an event representing force majeure or fortuitous in the sense defined by the law, if the organizer, independent of his will, is unable of conducting in the best conditions the contest or the purpose for which competition is organized cannot be reached.

9.2. The competition may cease or may be suspended or, if necessary, rescheduled at any time by decision of the Organizer, provided he informs regarding such a situation beforehand, according to the relevant provisions of this Regulation.

Section X. Final Provisions

10.1. The terms of this contest and Organizer’s instructions are mandatory and applicable to all participants.

10.2. The organizer shall be entitled to take all reasonable steps to avoiding or removing attempted fraud or fraud and / or abuses including enrollments and participation in the competition that could affect in any way, directly or indirectly, the good progress of the Competition, the image of the Organizer, Site or individuals associated with the Site, the costs of organizing the contest.

10.3. Any disagreements, disputes, conflicts or contentious between participants and organizers, about any aspect of the Contest, shall be settled amicable. If this is not reasonably possible, there will be an appeal to the jurisdiction of competent courts.


We developed this project in partnership with AIESEC, the only apolitical, global, independent, non-profit organization, run by students or recent graduates of institutions of higher education, interested in leadership, management and global issues.

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